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L-3 Data Tactics

L-3 Data Tactics helps government agencies and commercial organizations securely collect, analyze and visualize data in new ways to meet mission and business objectives. From uncovering fraud and waste to addressing the complexities of “open and secure” Big Data environments, to anticipating and preventing cyberattacks, we provide a range of products and services for all industries. L-3 Data Tactics also offers advanced data science, engineering, software development and integration capabilities with teams working at DARPA and APG on next-generation cyber solutions.


Program Spotlight

Big Data Ecosystem

Seize competitive advantage in a data-driven world. With military-grade security, a cutting-edge ingest process and advanced analytics out of the box, Big Data Ecosystem (BDE™) can deliver results on your toughest Big Data challenges in less than 30 days. Designed as an integrated end-to-end solution, BDE enables users to ingest, process and analyze vast amounts of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data in near real-time. As business needs evolve, our open-source platform easily adapts to ensure your decision making stays ahead of the curve. Click here to learn more.

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Success Stories

L-3 Data Tactics’ products and services have generated a consistent return on investment, saving government and commercial clients millions of dollars and thousands of hours. We have solved complex known problems and identified unknown issues – discovering fraud and waste where our customers least expected it. Our speed of delivery is unmatched, achieving results in weeks on challenges that companies have struggled with for months and even years.

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