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L-3 Data Tactics

L-3's Data Tactics provides Big Data solutions that address the complexities of securing and leveraging vast amounts of data. From uncovering fraud and reclaiming income to anticipating and preventing cyber attacks, L-3 Data Tactics helps government agencies and commercial organizations collect, visualize and analyze data in new ways to meet mission and business objectives. L-3 Data Tactics also offers advanced research, software development, integration capabilities and the L-3 Big Data Ecosystem™, a proprietary advanced Big Data analytics platform.

Program Spotlight

Big Data Analytics on Day 1

Unlike other solutions, the L-3 Big Data Ecosystem™ provides business intelligence on Day 1. This powerful, out-of-the-box Big Data advanced analytics platform gives customers the insight they need, when they need it. With petabyte-scale storage and processing, customers can visualize data, pinpoint key issues and make faster, more informed decisions than ever before.

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Full-Spectrum Cyber Operations

L-3 Data Tactics built and integrated DARPA’s Plan X system infrastructures to help the DoD plan for, conduct and assess cyberwarfare. Our Agile development processes have led to faster development and testing of a cyber Common Operating Picture (COP) planning tool that integrates sensors, traffic flow and vulnerability assessments.