SEO: An Introduction

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of the traffic that you earn through organic search engine results. Organic traffic is any traffic you don’t have to pay for. Basically, the more optimized your website is, the higher it ranks in search engine results.

SEOSearch engines have influenced our everyday lives without us noticing. It changed the way we find information. Are you going to shop online? Are you conducting research? Every time you search for information on the internet, behind it is a search engine. It has become a way of directing our lives. Whoever thought of this must have been really successful. How did this all start anyway?

It is believed that this all started around 1990s. In this era, the world’s first website was launched. It then branched out, and more sites were created. Due to the need for structure and accessibility, the search engine was born. Excite started to categorize information, and not long enough Yahoo, Infoseek, Ask Jeeves and others joined as well. In 1996, BackRub became the biggest search engine built by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. BackRub eventually became Google and was registered as a domain in 1997. In the beginning, ranking well in this era means repeating keywords al throughout your website or meta tags.

SEOIn 2000, Yahoo partnered with Google and let Google run their organic search results instead of Inktomi. Before, Google was hardly known as a search engine. Now, every search you do in Yahoo, you’ll see the words “powered by Google,” and Google became their most significant competitor. Google considered both the quantity and quality of external links to a website, including the anchor text used. Basically, the more you are talked about, the more important you are.

Hundreds of algorithm changes have been made, and SEO has evolved rapidly ever since. Marketers were forced to explore other strategies. The history of SEO thought us not to shortcut your way to success but actually to publish content that’s valuable to customers. The internet now is mostly run by SEOs. It has made our lives more comfortable than ever. SEOs had improved significantly in the past few years, and yes, it will continue to become better as the years pass by.…

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